Friday, 17 November 2017

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Beach ED safety rules

                                                         beach ed safety rules

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1.  swim between the flags 
the flags are there to show you were it is safe to swim they always watch inside the flags if your outside the flags the life guards might not see you  

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2. have someone watching you 
always have a parent or friend watching you to keep you safe

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3. listen to the advice from surf lifeguards
 because they know all about the beach and they can keep you safe from any danger 

4. never swim or surf alone  
Image result for surfboards on the beachmake sure you swim with someone so you can keep each other safe or have a parent watching you 

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5. if in doubt stay out 
if the beach looks ruff then stay out it might not be safe to swim in

P.B.L Reflection

P.B.L Reflection



this is my monarch butterfly model i made this model with newspaper, tape, paint, straws, hot glue gun, pipe cleaners and plastic paper. First i got some newspaper and scrunched it into a ball two times one of them were bigger then the other i shaped one in a long round rectangle shape. And then i attached them together with tape the little circle went in the front the bigger circle went behind the little one and the round rectangle shape goes on the end behind the bigger circle then i paper mache the body after that i let it dry and then i painted my body black. While i let it dry i made the wings first i got eight straws and i grabbed two and taped them together in a triangle shape i did it one more time then i cut the other four straws shorter and taped them together like the other two after i glued them on to plastic paper with a hot glue gun then cut them out with scissors then paper mached them then let them dry after i let them dry i painted them black, white, yellow and orange then i got six black pipe cleaners and glued then under my body then i glued on my wing on the sides then i put black pipe cleaners on top of the head. And that is how i made my model

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

The mysterious forest

pic7.JPGThe mysterious forest

The forest

Once upon a time there was a terrifying and hideous  forest monster that lived in the dark forest no one ever went there they were to scared and frightened that they would bump into the forest monster.

The forest had                                                           
Thousands of dead trees and flowers everything was dead because it nether rained there cause even the rain was to scared of the monster. The trees and flowers were so dead that if you touch them they will disappear like dust in the wind also the grass is all brown and dead when you stand on the grass it crunches like someone eating a cookie. There are swamps and lakes there so dirty that the waters green.

The monster

The monster is as green as leaves on a tree he lives in the dark forest. His back is sharp and pointy like a rock he's nearly as tall as a tree in the woods he never comes out of the dark forest because he thinks the whole
entire forest is his that's why no one goes to the dark forest no one has ever survived in the dark forest. If someone wakes him up he will try to trap you in the forest where no one could find you it didn't really matter where he put you because everyone is to scared of the monster and the forest. One day a person went in the forest for a little walk he found a lake “i'm thirsty” he said trying to speak with his dry mouth “i think i might take a drink from this lake it looks clean” he said when he went to have a drink the wind got strong and pushed him into the lake and no one ever saw him again people think he turned into the forest monster

The archer
one day an archer came in the woods he was new to the town no one told him about the forest monster the worst thing was that the archer loved to explore new places. The archer found the forest monsters cave but he didn't know he was lucky that the forest monster wasn't home but then he heard a noise. “what's that noise?” the archer said it sounded like a giant so he decided to hide behind a tree. The forest monster came in. “What is that?” the Archer whispered pecking out of his hiding spot the monster went to sleep. because he tired from doing his daily run. The archer sneaked out of the cave “oops!” the archer said nervously “i hit a STONE!” he whispered but he heard the forest monster waking up from is nap “what was that noise!” the Monster yelled the archer ran in fear trying he'll get away “HEY COME BACK HERE!”said the monster. Hoping he’ll catch up the archer ran as fast as he could but the monster was catching up to him. finally the archer got away “i better find a good hidden cave to stay in” the archer whispered hoping the monster didn't hear him. So the archer slowly walk around the forest trying to find a nice cave to stay it “this cave looks okay a little small but it will do for now”said the Archer making himself at home “it's been a big day i think i'll have a sleep”  the archer said trying look for a comfy spot to sleep “looks like i have to sleep on rocks oh well better than nothing” the archer sighed.


“That was a terrible sleep” the Archer said “I'M STILL HERE” the Archer sighed “i think it's time i get out of here” the Archer said happily so the Archer went on his journey to find a way out of the forest. The archer kept walking until the Archer founded the monster's cave “oh no i hope he's not home” the Archer said in fear the Archer saw that the monster wasn't home so he looked for weapons he founded a axe hidden behind his bed “this will do”said the Archer he also took some food from the cupboards and continued his journey while he was walking he munched on a juicy apple.

just when he finished the apple he ran into the Monster “oh no um hi”the Archer said in fear “looks like i've found my dinner”the Monster yelled “no thanks” the Archer said while running  away “GET BACK HERE NOW”the Monster yelled the Archer ran so fast that the axe fell out of his backpack “no!!”said the Archer  but he still ran the monster fell “AHH!!” said the monster the archer got away “yay! I found the exit and i lost the monster i'm back”said the archer happily the monster was happy and sad he was sad because he didn't catch the archer but happy that he went away and they both lived happily ever after THE END.

By Maddy

Friday, 26 May 2017

Thank you letter

Parkvale school
Howard street
Hastings 4122
Nikau hub room 6/7

Date: 24th May 2017

Dear Dad

Thank you so much for coming on camp with us. Thank you for helping with all of the activities and keeping us safe. Also, giving up your time and energy to come on camp and I can't forget, you using your amazing cooking skills to make lunch dinner and breakfast.

My first highlight was caving. It was fun crawling under and over the rocks and looking at all the wetas hiding on the rocks. In the cave going through that little tunnel I was a little nervous.

My second highlight is kayaking. I was super happy that I got to hop in the kayak with you and I'm super lucky that I got to keep kayaking with you. Thanks for teaching me how to kayak. That obstacle course was really low. I remember when we crashed into that bush that was funny and when people were crashing into us.

One fact was that there was a school at Piripaua in 1939. Once the Piripaua power station was done in 1944 the workers shifted to Kaitawa the school was closed down and the builders were relocated to Kaitawa where the school remained active until 1957. When it was closed down in 1967 Camp Kaitawa was built.

Yours sincerely